Rolling Submissions


Submission Criteria

Submission Guidelines & Checklist


The actual full article being reviewed must be submitted in .pdf format.

The original title of the article being reviewed must be changed to a new title created by the reviewer but must capture a similar effect, as to not plagiarize the title

Plagiarism of the article or abstract will not be tolerated, and figures or tables may not be copied.

It is acceptable to review two articles in the same review that have similar or opposing results, as long as each article can be critically analyzed in a professional fashion without attacking the original authors credibility. The purpose of this type of review is to summarize and analyze the literature, with appropriately describing differing viewpoints on the same subject.

Rules and Regulations

1. Name, Degree

2. Institution

3. Specialty

4. Your Title of Article (Original article title must be changed)

5. 2 Included Citations


(a) Joshua Rothenberg, DO, Joanne Borg-Stein, MD reviewing Jean-Sebastian Roy et al. Br J Sports Med 2015; published online ahead of print; doi:10.1136/bjsports-2014-094148

(b) Roy JS et al. Diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonography, MRI and MR arthrography in the characterisation of rotator cuff disorders: a meta-analysis. Br J Sports Med 2015; published online ahead of print; doi:10.1136/bjsports-2014-094148

6. Your Review

7. Attach Original Journal Article in PDF

8. Submit to

Submission checklist: (PLEASE SELECT FROM JOURNAL LIST BELOW...)     

          Microsoft Word

          12 point font

          Times New Roman

          600 words or less in length

          Outline Format

          Submit to

Outline format:

     Level of Evidence

     Intro: (Paragraph I)

             Study Design


    Methods: (Paragraph II)

    Results: (Paragraph III)

             Statistically Significant Results

             Conclusion Author Made from Results

    Strengths: (Paragraph IV)

    Weaknesses: (Paragraph V)

    Conclusion: (Paragraph VI)

             Were the methods appropriate?

             Were appropriate stats used ?

             Do the conclusions reflect what was actually found?

    Practice Pearl (Paragraph VII)

             How will this affect your practice in the future?

             How will you use this information in the athletes that you treat ?

Journals to select from:

AJSM, JBJS, Arthroscopy, BJSM, JAT, JOSPT, MSSE, CJSM, Sports Health, PM&R