How many articles will be published bimonthly?

8 articles will be published every other month. There will be a submission deadline for reviewers which will be predetermined. Editors will have 2 weeks to accept, reject, accept upon corrections, or directly edit the article. Editors-in-chief will then have 2 weeks to decide on the final 8 articles to be published.

What is the peer review process?

All articles will be randomly assigned to 2 editors in the first phase of peer review. If accepted, then the article goes to the second phase of peer review where our 3 Co-Editors-In-Chief will decide on which articles to accept. Should any indecision exist, the majority vote will be reflected.

What are the different formats the articles will be published in?

Articles will be published in .pdf format, E-publication format for apple devices, as well as podcasts, and will be posted on the website as well as sent out electronically

Can medical students be published?

There will be a medical student section in the future. At the current time, only MD's and DO's will be the published reviews.

Will Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers be published?

We plan on adding these sections to the journal in the future. At the current time, only MD's and DO's will be the published reviews.

Which member of the editorial board will receive my review?

The process will be randomized as to which editor receives the reviews

What if I don't get published? Why should I contribute?

All reviewers will be recognized on the website for their contributions despite if their review is selected for publication. Additionally, sports medicine colleagues around the nation are editing these reviews, so it is a good way to build a scholarly reputation in the field.

What happens if my review is chosen for publication?

All reviewers with accepted articles will have their name published in the actual journal

When will the publications be released? How will I receive them?

The publications will be released within 2 weeks after the Editors-in-Chief have selected the final 8 to be published

When is the submission deadline? Where can I find this?

The submission deadline will usually be set in the month prior to the publication release. This will always be posted on the Submission criteria page

How are these reviews any different than reading an abstract?

These reviews are not just summaries, they are evaluations of the merit the article holds within our literature; They will tactfully provide commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of the original research, without attacking the author’s credibility, in addition to a more in depth summary

How is this journal any different than other journals or reviews I may read? 

-The Sports Review Journal is the only journal that includes a collection of articles reviewed from all fields that contribute to the sports medicine community, which is not limited to physician journals only, but includes physical therapy and athletic training journals as well

- This journal is formatted for many different devices and will include Epublication for apple devices, PDF version for all devices, Podcasts, and possibly a few printed copies at a later time 

- ALL editors that sit on the editorial board are fellowship trained in sports medicine, and represent all specialties including: PM&R, Family medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, and Orthopedic Surgery

- This journal was created by myself, a resident, and thus I have the pulse of what residents, fellows, and training staff (those writing the reviews) are interested in, and am able to convey this to the editorial board members

-This journal is registered as a Not for Profit organizations, so that it is well known that this endeavor is purely to make the field of sports medicine a better one

- Many of the journal’s editors are from different regions that this encourages discussion and collaboration of editors from different regions of the country and even between specialties (like PCSM and Orthopedic Sports Medicine)

How will reviewers be able to be cited for reviewing an original article?

An example is as follows:  Joshua Rothenberg, DO reviewing Kenneth Mautner et al. PM&R J 2013; 5(3): 163-246